Brett Epp

Owner of Hickory Union Moto, a community motorcycle garage in Kansas City, Brett's mission is to take the fear of motorcycles and motorcycle culture away from people who are intimidated by two wheels.   

Past Adventures:    Brett came from the small displacement 2 stroke world of mopeds before getting into riding and racing motorcycles.   He held several 2 stroke land speed records, and to date is the only person to complete the Trans American Trail on a 50cc single speed moped, pictured above on the Salt Flats.  He also has raced in the Baja 1000 in the sportsman class for the past 4 years,  and has countless overland adventures under his belt.  After this trip he plans to take the bike he is building and persue rally racing.  

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Elee Holtermann

Elee started riding when he was 12 years old on an old kx125 2 stroke. After a year of riding dirt bikes, his dad took him on a trip to the Mojave Desert, kick starting his two-wheeled obsession. Having to rely so heavily on machine and preparing for the adventure gave him a strong bond with the sport. Elee’s love for motorcycles continues to grow as he currently races in GT amateur street bike events, Harescramble races with MORE and Forward Motion, and lots of offroad motorcycle trips. He plans continue building his experiences year by year, but the achievement that he will always remember is the one currently in his crosshairs. A 15,000-mile offroad adventure across the western half of North America with no support vehicles and 2 awesome people

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Tom Pulliam

Tom comes from a design background, with ten years spent in fine dining restaurants designing dishes in Chicago, Boston, and New York. After working as a chef in several three Michelin starred restaurants, Tom went back to school to pursue his master’s degree in Architecture. He has spent the last 3 years working in design-build architecture, while taking coursework in community development and Latinx Studies. As a rider, Tom brings the least amount of experience of the group, with just over 4 years on 2 wheels. Though well versed in vintage bike restoration, Tom is just starting to develop his dirt skills. For what he lacks in experience, he makes up for in enthusiasm!

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