Hickory Union Moto

Hickory Union Moto is a community motorcycle garage in Kansas City.   They have the tools, space, and knowledge to help people fix their bikes themselves.   From simple repairs to full custom builds, HUM is there to help take the fear of mechanics and motorcycle culture away from anyone who who is interested in two wheels.   

This is our home shop.  The community surrounding the shop is amazing and has been super supportive.   If you are ever near Kansas City, and especially if you are on a bike, swing by. 



racestar graffix

South African based Racestar Graffix, keeps our bikes looking good, and makes our sponsors look even better.   If you have any moto graphics needs, they have design services and experience making your bike stand out on the trail, rally, or wherever you find yourself in the world. 



Help us keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down while we are on the trail.   If you are interested in becoming sponsor we would lover to talk to you.  Contact us here.